Weblutions is creating top-grade software products for all. From web stores to other utility websites Weblutions is vigorously creating for you.

Starting back in 2017 and becoming under the Weblutions name in 2021 we have been growing from a tiny customer base to an ever growing one. We have worked with local Australian businesses along with international businesses and markets.

FaxStore is by far our largest project that is regularly updated and maintained with new content.
FaxStore is an extremely feature rich store template that you can use to enhance your consumer base. With Discord, GitHub, Google, and Twitter based permissions and logins you can easily out-store your competition

Plutos Discount
On our store you can use the great code PLUTO for a nice discount on your order as a way to say thank you for supporting PlutosWorld and Weblutions :heart:

Website → https://weblutions.com
Discord → https://discord.gg/faxes
GitHub → https://github.com/FAXES
Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/faxesyt