• Complex case moderation system.
  • Complex and easy to use ticket system.
  • Complex voice logging system that ties to the case moderation system.
  • Option to choose between Slash Commands or Traditional Prefix Commands.
  • Multi Guild Compatible.
  • Advanced Permissions Setup.
  • Precise and detailed logging.
  • User friendly suggestion system
  • Level System with role rewards and custom rank card.
  • Interactive giveaway creator.
  • Self roles inside of menus or buttons.
  • Complex application system.
  • Ability to have large logs (tickets and prunes) go to a URL for easier display.
  • Built in Discord API games.


  • A VPS or Dedicated Server.
  • Node.JS v16.13.2

For more details see here.

Galaxy Bot - Yearly — $51 per year

Subscription payments


@PlutoTheDev - Development and Maintenance of the bot.
@FAXES - Help with HTML and express.