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Galaxy Bot

## Features - Complex case moderation system. - Complex and easy to use ticket system. - Complex voice logging system that ties to the case moderation system. - Option to choose between Slash Commands or Traditional Prefix Commands. - Multi Guild Compatible. - Advanced Permissions Setup. - Precise and detailed logging. - User friendly suggestion system - Level System with role rewards and custom rank card. - Interactive giveaway creator. - Self roles inside of menus or buttons. - Complex application system. - Ability to...

User Reviews

Product: Galaxy Bot 5/5

“sick bot. buy it or fucking die”Beary

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Product: Multi Share 5/5

“Easy to install and easy to configure. Great product and easy to navigate. Overall would reccomend!”Hyperscale

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Product: Galaxy Bot 5/5

“W Bot. +rep for getting it free. Will help me out till I make my own :) 🍑🍆”Astra

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Product: Galaxy Bot - Music Extension 5/5

“Probably the easiest thing I ever installed onto something like this! It runs great, and sounds super clear! Highly recommend!!! ”Snydro

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